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New Blog!

28 May 2013


In celebration of my 5th year anniversary here on WP, I’ve decided to resurrect an old project I loved but abandoned: Take A Random Bus. Our future home will be Meanwhile, you can visit for updated content. Thank you! 🙂



29 March 2013


Hi there,

I’ve migrated my portfolio to For updated content, please visit my new website. Thanks! 🙂

How do you begin

19 May 2009

to understand dreams with background music, the word time repeating over and over again in tune to drum beats heavy with chords you can’t name you don’t know how, only one in a thousand people can recognize pitch by hearing alone; you don’t even know the differences among do, re, mi… Where do you begin with do? A note is a group of phrases scribbled on scrap; an octave is a word used to impress a stranger. The images are a montage transitioning with every beat a hundred thousand still photos speckled with explosions of white light, sources unknown/unknowable; the characters running from one frame to the next. Where to, what from?

Ang Pinaglahuan

26 June 2008


Portrait of a Woman, Waiting

25 June 2008

Inside the hut, she
cradles a winnow basket on her lap,
combing grains of rice for pebbles,
for husks. She watches waves
form round her fingers.
She is thinking of return;
she is thinking, soon.
Then she gathers some grains
in her hands, lets them go,
lets them rain from her palms.
The door behind her creaks
and she jolts to look—

but only the wind greets her.

Outside, the field is drowning
in the sun’s redness.
As if the field is bleeding
or perhaps, on fire.

My Mommy is a Robot

24 June 2008

My mommy is a robot and she’s with me every day. She’s always inside this little screen my daddy bought for me. Whenever I get home from school and dad gets home from office; he would press a button, enter a word, and POOF! Would come my mommy smiling at me.

Yes, she is a robot but she has eyes and a nose and a mouth just like your mommy does. But she doesn’t have hands or knees or feet. Sometimes she does when she moves around the screen like the people in TV. But it’s okay if she is just a face because I can talk to her and she can talk to me.

Do you know what a robot is? My mommy is a robot but she wasn’t always one. She used to be a person too. A real live mommy who can hug me, and kiss me, and tuck me in at night. But then she disappeared one day; I don’t know where she went. So my father bought this screen for me and she appeared again.

Sometimes it worries me because it’s always raining inside her screen. Mommy says it’s static. Is that robot-speak for rain?

When it’s night time here, it’s daytime in her screen. And when it’s daytime here, it’s nighttime in her screen.

Sometimes it worries me because they have ice-rains where she is and it covers her world with ice. I wonder if robots ever feel cold like people do. My mommy says it’s okay because she has a heater.

“I never forget to turn on my heater” she said. But every night, I drape a blanket over her just to be sure.

Sometimes it worries me because I can’t bring her to school. My classmates don’t believe that my mommy is a robot. They say robots can’t be mommies and mommies can’t be robots.

So I went to my teacher and asked her if I can bring robot mom to school. But she just smiled at me and said, “You know robots aren’t allowed in school.”

“But moms are allowed” I told her.

“Just this once, then” Teacher said. “But you have to ask permission from your daddy first because robot mommies are really hard to carry around.”

I went to daddy and asked him if I can bring mommy to school. But he just smiled at me and said
“It’s too big to bring around school, baby. And your school has no internet.”

So I went to mommy and asked her if she can give my school an internet. Maybe robots can give internets to school.

“Oh no, baby girl, I can’t do that” mommy said. “But I won’t be a robot forever, you know. Soon I will come home and I would be able to hug you and kiss you and tuck you in at night. And then I can meet your classmates too. Hey, maybe I’ll come back this Christmas!”

Oh I can’t wait until Christmas! A robot mom who can turn into a real live one too! Moms like that are very hard to find. I must be lucky because my mommy is a robot but she’s not just a robot, she can be a real live mommy too.

Many thanks to Migi de Belen.

Ground Zero

23 June 2008

Drug: Mescobine

Mescobine is a psychoactive drug that is classified as both a depressant and a stimulant. It is either taken orally or snorted; oral ingestion being the more famous (and less dangerous) choice. Its three major ingredients are mescaline (the active ingredient in the hallucinogen peyote cactus), nicotine (the active ingredient in cigarettes), and psylocybin (the active ingredient in mushrooms). Trace amounts of MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also known as ecstasy—a hallucinogen and a derivative of amphetamines) have also been found.

In anecdotal reports, users claim generally three major stages of its effect. First is the stimulation where there are changes in visual perception—very clear and vivid hallucinations such as cobweb figures, tunnels, and spirals appearing in bright and various colors. This stimulated effect only lasts for 30 to 60 minutes after the intake. Afterwards, the user gets sedated; producing pleasant, relaxed feelings, and, in some cases, euphoria. In both stages, inhibition is greatly reduced and intellect or consciousness is not impaired. On the third stage, depression and paranoia takes place.

Street Name: Stick, Cobe, Nib

Nervous System:

Because of the presence of three strong drugs in its ingredient, mescobine sends various messages to the nervous system. The presence of mescaline increases the activity of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine (released when physiological changes are activated by a stressful event) and dopamine (has important roles in mood, specifically when unexpected rewards are presented or expected but failed to see). Both psilocybin and the trace amounts of MDMA inhibits serotonin (plays a role in aggression, anger, vomiting, and sexuality) receptors. The strong presence of nicotine may just be the reason for its wavering effect. Nicotine activates certain receptors that cause arousal and then soon afterwards, it blocks these same receptors and produces calming.


To date, mescobine is the most dangerous drug known to man because of its mixed effect. Prolonged usage may very likely confuse the central nervous system, irrevocably driving the user to psychosis.

Mescobine was a designer drug, popular in rave parties. Currently, it is being widely used as a weapon; more specifically to sedate prisoners of war.